Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Christmas


How was your Christmas? We had a great time - still having a great time.

My dad came to visit a few days before and that was really nice. Both my brothers came to visit along with Gabe's girlfriend, Amanda, and they're still here.

Christmas morning was typical fare, but so fun. The kids were just ecstatic and played and played all day long with their new treasures. Sterling's favorite was his two transformers he got from "Uncle Gabe". Jackson's was anything that belonged to Sterling (isn't that always how it goes?). We got a trampoline from the Hammonds and we're looking forward to being able to set it up. It dumped about 7 inches of snow on us Christmas Eve, so it will be a bit before we can get out there.

We love you all!

ps the photo to the left is one from our recent photo shoot with Brad's entire family last week. There's certainly more to come, but the photographer emailed a couple samples to me.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Welcome Friends and Family!

Welcome to our blogspot. We've just got this going, so you may want to check back in a few months and see what's changed.Christmas is upon us and we're busy getting ready. We're staying home this year while Gabe, Glenn and Amanda are coming to visit with us. We just had a fabulous weekend with Brad's family as well. We stayed in Salt Lake, walked Temple Square and got family photos done. As soon as we have those, I'll post them on here.

Anyway...Brad is still in school at Weber State with about a year left. He's getting a Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Human Resources with a minor in Spanish. He wants to add an extra semester so he can end up with a second B.A. in Spanish, but we'll see. He works hard and our two little boys just adore him!

I just finished my bachelor's degree at BYU and will be getting the official degree in the mail any day now. BYU doesn't hold graduation ceremonies in December, so next April I'll be sporting the cap and gown! I'm so relieved to be done with that portion of my education.

Sterling just turned four in August and he's a bundle if atomic energy! He's really into superheros, trains and he's got a great imagination.

Jackson will be two in April and he's all over the place too. He's talking now, runs everywhere and has quite the little personality. He loves anything that has wheels!

This winter, besides Brad's school, we plan on trying to get out snowboarding/skiing a few times, so if you want to come down/up/over we'd be happy to have you come join us! Keep in touch!