Monday, October 5, 2009

Hi! These are just a few pictures from the last 7 weeks or so since Brad got home, including a few from his airport greeting. The cake I actually made over labor day weekend, but still in celebration for his home coming.

First day of school!

Up at Snowbird, on the tram and top of the mountain.

Nine Mile Canyon rock art.

Two Jedi Knights battling it out.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

While I was busy getting ready for church this morning, Jackson decided to decorate the oven drawer with black crayon - one of his favorite pastimes. So this time he had to clean it off himself - thank goodness for magic erasers! He was just so adorable I couldn't help but document the moment.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello Everyone!
It's been a little while - obviously since my last post says "happy holidays"!
Anyway, I just wanted to put a little update here about our family and Brad.
Brad is in Afghanistan, for those of you that don't know yet. He left in November for training, got to come home for Christmas, and now he's stationed out of Bagram, working hard and making us proud. Even though he's based out of Bagram, they've had him travelling around and he's at his third location outside of Bagram Airfield.
Brad is a Computer Systems Analyst for the 19th Special Forces. He's been busy keeping the computers and the networks running properly. From what I hear, he's pretty good at his job and has more training on newer systems and programs than most over there - that's why they've got him running all over the place.
I get to chat with him on the computer through instant message, email and even video chat. He calls every now and then too. I'm spoiled right now, he has easy access to communicate with me so I get to talk to him in one form or another just about everyday! The boys especially love the video chat because it's almost like having him right here in the kitchen with us.
Jackson and Sterling are adjusting to life without Daddy, as am I. It's been hard, but thanks to everyone's prayers and support, we are making it.
More than ever I am realizing how much real power prayer has for us in our lives and I'm more grateful for the small and simple things in life.
We are blessed to live in the country that we live in.
I love you all.
Drop in for a visit when you get a chance, we'd love to have you!
Here are a few pictures that Brad has sent me from Afghanistan. I hope you enjoy them.
The guys are just having a little fun here being heroes. Guitar heroes, that is.
This is Brad's room at his current location - not Bagram.
While still at Bagram they got hit by a big storm. Brad's trying to get the snow off the satelite here so they don't lose their link-up.
This is "The Alamo" - or so they call it. This is where Brad is currently stationed.

He says they call him "tank" among other similar nick-names. Or just "the big tall guy".

Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
We have had a busy and wonderful holiday season. I started out the holidays by visiting my good friend Kathryn for Thanksgiving and seeing my dad on the way home from there. After Las Vegas we got ready for Brad to get home for Christmas. He'd been gone for two months so we were really excited to see him.
Brad got home on the 18th of December and a couple days later my mom flew in from Alaska with my brother Glenn. They drove up to see Gabe in Lewiston, ID while we drove up to spend time with Brad's family at the cabin. The cabin was awesome. Everyone made it except for Kevin, Suzie and their new baby Cody (we did get to see them on our way home though). We ate, played games, exchanged presents, ate, celebrated Trevor's birthday, ate and...did I mention we ate??? It was a great time.
We drove home from the cabin on the 23rd and my mom and Glenn arrived the next morning. Christmas Eve we read some stories, watched Muppets Christmas Carol and went for a drive to see the lights. The next morning the kids actually waited until 8am to get up and then the present fiasco began. The kids got a red wagon and several fun toys. Brad got a new laptop computer to take with him to Afghanistan so we can stay in touch. It was great having my mom and Glenn here and my mom enjoyed watching the boys open their presents and play. Christmas was overall relaxing and just nice to be a family.
The rest of the time Brad was home and my mom visited we saw movies, relaxed and hit the after-Christmas sales. On the 29th Brad and I got to spend an evening in Salt Lake and stayed at the Plaza for the night. We ate at Flemmings at the Gateway and walked around Temple Square enjoying the lights and nativity scene there. As you can see Brad got some great shots of the temple all lit up.
Mom and Glenn flew back to Alaska the morning of Christmas Eve and we started the process of getting Brad ready to leave again. We did take a break on New Year's Day to go snowboarding and Skiing though - which was so great!
Brad left this morning, early early and he's now back in Indiana until they take off for Afghanistan. The kids already miss their dad, and so do I, but we'll make it. It's nice to know that next year we'll be a family again and be able to add to our Holiday memories as a family again.
Cherish your families and the time you have together - we've learned that this is the most important thing in life.
Thank you, all of you, for your prayers and support. God bless you this year.