Monday, February 25, 2008


Hello everyone!

Well, it's still February and it's still winter here. We've had so much snow this season - it's finally starting to warm up to melt some of it, but I don't think winter is over yet.

Brad and I got to go snowboarding in January and hopefully we'll make it once more before the season is over, we love it so much.

Well, I'm officially a college grad now. I received my diploma in the mail, so now I'm just waiting until April and I'm going to do the whole cap and gown thing. I'll be sending out announcements soon. The big ceremony is April 24th and we're having a dinner party that evening at the clubhouse in Melinda's neighborhood.

The pictures here are of the boys when we went to go see the Goldenspike monument that's located outside of Brigham city about 30 miles. It was a gorgeous day and we needed a change of pace, so I loaded the boys and we took a drive. They had alot of fun playing on the tracks and watching a Charlie Brown movie about the railroad inside the visitor center.

Enjoy the rest of February - and don't forget March is the most important month of the year - my birthday!