Sunday, March 8, 2009

While I was busy getting ready for church this morning, Jackson decided to decorate the oven drawer with black crayon - one of his favorite pastimes. So this time he had to clean it off himself - thank goodness for magic erasers! He was just so adorable I couldn't help but document the moment.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello Everyone!
It's been a little while - obviously since my last post says "happy holidays"!
Anyway, I just wanted to put a little update here about our family and Brad.
Brad is in Afghanistan, for those of you that don't know yet. He left in November for training, got to come home for Christmas, and now he's stationed out of Bagram, working hard and making us proud. Even though he's based out of Bagram, they've had him travelling around and he's at his third location outside of Bagram Airfield.
Brad is a Computer Systems Analyst for the 19th Special Forces. He's been busy keeping the computers and the networks running properly. From what I hear, he's pretty good at his job and has more training on newer systems and programs than most over there - that's why they've got him running all over the place.
I get to chat with him on the computer through instant message, email and even video chat. He calls every now and then too. I'm spoiled right now, he has easy access to communicate with me so I get to talk to him in one form or another just about everyday! The boys especially love the video chat because it's almost like having him right here in the kitchen with us.
Jackson and Sterling are adjusting to life without Daddy, as am I. It's been hard, but thanks to everyone's prayers and support, we are making it.
More than ever I am realizing how much real power prayer has for us in our lives and I'm more grateful for the small and simple things in life.
We are blessed to live in the country that we live in.
I love you all.
Drop in for a visit when you get a chance, we'd love to have you!
Here are a few pictures that Brad has sent me from Afghanistan. I hope you enjoy them.
The guys are just having a little fun here being heroes. Guitar heroes, that is.
This is Brad's room at his current location - not Bagram.
While still at Bagram they got hit by a big storm. Brad's trying to get the snow off the satelite here so they don't lose their link-up.
This is "The Alamo" - or so they call it. This is where Brad is currently stationed.

He says they call him "tank" among other similar nick-names. Or just "the big tall guy".