Monday, October 5, 2009

Hi! These are just a few pictures from the last 7 weeks or so since Brad got home, including a few from his airport greeting. The cake I actually made over labor day weekend, but still in celebration for his home coming.

First day of school!

Up at Snowbird, on the tram and top of the mountain.

Nine Mile Canyon rock art.

Two Jedi Knights battling it out.


Paige Sinclair said...

Brad & Julia we are so thankful that Brad made it home safe! and Julia you look great!!

Barbara said...

I absolutely love the first picture of the two boys jumping on Brad. So glad he made it home safely!!

Lynners said...

Great pics! Thanks for letting us in on the welcome home moment. (You look totally hot btw!)

I didn't realize you went to 9-mile canyon! That's an amazing place.

I'm glad you got to have some fun before you started all your medical adventures.

amyruthporter said...

So happy you are all together again! We miss you!

Lexi said...

Julia!!! It's Lexi! How are you doing?! Melinda found my blog, and I looked at hers and saw yours. Crazy. It's been way too long. Did your Mom tell you that she, your Dad and Glenn came to my baptism in 2001? Then I moved to Louisiana, met my husband Troy at Single's Ward at LSU campus and was sealed in the temple. Now we are living in Texas! Check out my blog and you'll see most of our adventures. Hope you're doing well! :-)